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About Me
My name is Carlo and I was born in Rome in 1987. My primary job is VFX compositing. Over the last few years I'm also taking up a career as a photographer, specializing in portraits and product photography.
I live in a small medieval town on the hills near Rome. In this place I have my photographic studio, that I use for most of the picture I take and to record the videos for Playerdue Lighting.
I'm a native speaker of Italian and Bulgarian, with an excellent comprehension of English, both spoken and written.
VFX Compositing
A VFX compositor deals with the final part of the visual effects pipeline. His role is to finalize a sequence of images, combining together different live action footages or cgi elements. Common effects are keying of green/blue-screens, landscape replacements, wire removal or cgi integration.
I started working in 2009 for Direct2Brain, a studio with offices in Rome and Latina, well-known for several music videos for Italian artists like Tiromancino, Planet Funk and Jovanotti and with a lot of experience in the advertising industry.
From the end of 2010 I started working with Cane Cane, a visual effects studio located in Rome, specialized in feature films and TV series.
Since 2013 I work with Worldwide FX, a VFX company with offices both in the USA and Europe, specialized in international features films.
My passion for photography is focused on the manipulation of light either with natural light or studio lighting using speedlights.
Thanks to the extreme portability of my gear I can setup a photographic studio in five minutes, wherever I am.
In the past 4 years, I've been working as a Visual Artist for movies, advertisings and tv series. I've been gaining from this experience advanced skills in the retouching process and thanks to that I can spot easily where and if an image has been modified. Because of this I always strive to obtain the best results possible from a photo when I press the shutter button on my camera, reducing the need for post-production.
In 2010 I started producing an online and free photography course called Playerdue Lighting. The projects got a really positive feedback from the italian community.
Since then I've been invited as a teacher by various agencies and I've organized several workshops.
After the scientific high school degree, I got a bachelor's degree in “Design & Multimedia”, from the faculty of architecture “Valle Giulia” in the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, with a final grade of 100/100.
Since the first years of school, alongside with the official subjects, I've always carried out a personal training path, guided by my passions and by my curiosity. In this way I've developed an high skill to be self taught.
I love to read books. I alternate classical books with contemporary authors. I spend every free moment between the pages of a new story. This is for me an important source of inspiration and motivation.
I also like to write and, like when I'm taking pictures, I aim to a clean, simple and direct style, without the need to use complex words or sentences. For a few years I took up a career as a journalist, from which I learned a lot of guidelines to reach out to the people using words.
Since I was a kid I always thought that gaming (and when I grew up video-gaming) has an important role in life, especially for a creative mind. In addition to the entertainment aspect, this industry has a great artistic and technical value.
I constantly practice inline skating, especially doing slaloms. For a few years I played Street Hockey and I've been a skating instructor.
When the weather allows it, I'm always on my kayak exploring mostly on lakes and sea.